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WaxJam Records

 DISCLAIMER:  WaxJam Records has over 15 years of experience in the recording business and use some of the best Pro Tools engineers in Atlanta. You can expect the best quality of pre-production recording in our studios; all you need to do is bring your voice to the mic and we will handle the rest.  

Fare Warning

We will not tolerate an practice of  trickery towards our staff or customer; if you come in our studio with any unwelcome intentions, we will not hesitate to show you the door; we have 24/7 security watch of our facility with a 60 sec security respond time to insure the  safety of our customers and staff. 

If you have any concerns while your recording at our studio; bring it to management;  We have the best practice of doing honest business at the lowest prices in the community; Let's keep it professional at all times.


Cash or credit is accepted; (this disclaimer was written based on personal experiences of artists, studio management and engineers working in the music recording industry)

 Licensed And Insured. We know that we provide a great service to the community and at the best price in the State of Ga. So let us make it clear to artists who never been to a recording studio and to those artists who have; we know that we could easily charge $100 or more  per hour for the quality of sound that our studios provide; but our objective is to keep it affordable to you. So if our promotion offer a rate of $65, $75 or $85 per hour; (sound quality examples of our work are automatically played when entering our website 24/7 if  preferred; we will  allow 5 minutes to try out the quality in the booth before you pay) it is important to us that  customer know that we are giving them a great deal. We operate solely on client volume and not highly priced recording rates. Some companies in our line of business capitalize on including the cost of advertising and other overhead expenses in the price of their hourly rates; we prefer to pay more for advertisement and reach more people and work a little harder to make sure that you can afford to be a regular customer.$75 to $85 per hour is a steal' it should be none negotiable - The 4 P's - Product (music recording) Place (the music industry) Position (the way we look) and Price (Affordable)